About Us

MEGHA Bearings Co. is one of the leading bearing companies in India that manufactures Automotive and Industrial bearings as per standard specifications.

It has 35+ year manufacture Experance and supplying different types of bearings including Tapered roller bearings, Spherical roller bearings, Cylindrical roller bearings, and Ball bearings. Meeting high level of excellence and standard specifications, these bearings effectively used in manufacturing of automobiles, agricultural, Industrial, appliances and a host of other applications. Efficiency never takes a back seat whether radial or thrust loads and even with high speed rotation. This certainly becomes one of the core strengths of the MEGHA.

Quality is one of the core strength of MEGHA. The entire operation right from the procurement of Raw material, SAE 52100 & EN31 Steel (as per customers requirment) verified by a Test Certificate of Chemical & Physical analysis and ends at thorough inspection of the manufactured bearings just before the packing stage. A well equipped laboratory, years of experience, engineers’ hands on talent and competence of quality check experts all conjure to meet the stringent quality requirements that bearings need in terms of efficiency and performance.

MEGHA also deals in customized bearings in accordance to customer’s needs, samples or designs.